Is anyone able/willing to make two thin stainless plates?

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    Well it's taken a while, but the Startrite Mercury is now working and one of the two stainless plates that Brad so kindly made for me is fixed to the drill press. I haven't got round to drilling al the holes for the switch plate, but that will happen at some point. So thanks again to Brad for his help and here's what it looks like now.
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    Very tidy :thumbup:
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    I didn't see this post until now...

    If (as you say in another post) that alcohol will wipe off the print its not anodised and not printed as it really should have been...

    ...but the proof of the pudding is in the eating and it's lasted this long, so I'm probably looking too poorly on it.

    1k solvent based inks are a whole load easier to work with but will wipe off with solvent.

    2k catalysed inks are a whole world more bother to use, but once they're on and cured, they are a load stronger.

    But, of course, in this case the metal has failed first, so it's not as if the ink needed to be any stronger at all.

    Id be happy enough to use 1k on somthing like powedercoat but the alloy that I print is always 2k, with a catalyst that is sold with "special" in its name, that is supposed to further promote adhesion.

    You can selectively anodise areas. There were old techniques, but the modern one is generally called "metal photo".

    I don't know a load about it, but the print is put on (or rather the oxide layer stained) prior to being sealed. The process has very good resolution, but the viewing angle isn't as pleasing as physical print. It will be the way of the future though, but possibly not in the vintage field that a lot of my work goes to.

    Estate agents signs and felt tip pen sides will, I suspect, always be screen printed (not that either of them are my field!)