Grinding down welds on sheet metal

  1. Little Jerry Member

    Hey pigeon

    What grits are you using the most on the power file? I was thinking 80 / 120 is probably a good start for levelling welds
  2. Pigeon_Droppings2 Forum Supporter

    I use 80 but if I had to buy again I would go with a mix of 80/120....mostly 80 with a few 120 just in case.

    80 is good for most of what I do I find...I'm ashamed to say I've used my power file as a cutter when a grinder couldn't reach :vsad:

    You have to let us know how you get on with the B&D when you get it :thumbup:
  3. droopsnoot

    droopsnoot Member

    Hey, if it does the job, don't worry about it. After all, we're all talking about using cutting discs to grind anyway. I do the same with carbide burrs in the die grinder, if that's the only way to cut through something - you know how sometimes you can see where to cut, but the array of proper cutting tools won't help either because the disc is too big, or the chuck is in the way, or the power cable or air hose will foul on something.
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