Grinder rack

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    My grinder tree
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    Great idea, I wish I had the space to copy :(.
    And you have even more grinders than me! :D
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  3. MCKDAVID Member

    some good ideas there, I gave mine a serious dose of under thinking:laughing: Keeping it simple.

    Basically a length of flat bar, with notches cut, spaced to correspond to the width of the grinder, the notches were roughly 8 or 10mm depending on the grinder bolt. Make up some stand off spacers (mine were 20mm conduit tube cut down to about 20mm) or just use screwed rod with nuts to space them out. Fix the flat bar to the wall with the standoffs to make a gap to the wall. Put a bolt in the handle hole (M8 for 115mm and M10 for 125mm) for each of the grinders. Hang them up, done. The 9" grinder justs sits on the flatbar jammed in, I rarely use it so I've never bothered to make it more accessible.
    The only thing I had to revisit, was to put the bolts in the grinder with a dab of loctite, as they kept vibrating loose.

    upload_2019-3-16_8-33-44.png upload_2019-3-16_8-34-47.png
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    thats not all of them! lol