First (real) project, needs some help

  1. RedmervanD

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    Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
    I think you might be right about the back wheels, they came from a different set with a lower weight limit, 30kg each.
    And as you can see I sort of finished the cart, but with everything on it, with the little back wheel it is a bit of a struggle...


    Now I think of going to make something like these backwheels on @Skytiger 's cart.
    Maybe not this big though

    I only need to figure out how to mount them...
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  2. hotponyshoes Member

    Somerset. Uk
    Might be worth welding a bit of flat across the corner in a triangle to support the rest of the castor unless you can bolt the other hole to the base board.

    To mount the big wheels just get a length of threaded steel studding . Most of the wheels come with reducing bushes for the bore.
    You can either use a big bit (20mm maybe) of studding and weld it directly to the trolley or use the bushes that come with the wheels with some smaller studding and run the studding through a bit of tube that you can weld to the trolley.
    Or weld a tab with a hole for each wheel to bolt through and weld the head of the bolt onto the back of the tab
    Put a triangle brace or 2 behind the tab to stop it bending.
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  3. Ed. Member

    Regarding the casters, it's not so much as the weight they are able to take, it is the surface that your rolling on that causes many to fail. Once you start dragging the laden trolley over brickwork and gravel they tend to fail quickly, this is from past experience with my trolleys. On a smooth concrete floor they didn't have an issue, took them outside onto gravel a couple of times and the casters fell apart.

    My trolley is quite heavy and weighs about 225Kg laden and my casters were 80Kg each so I figured they would suffice, but I was wrong, now replaced with 500Kg ones and no problems. Cost difference wasn't that much either so should have gone with the bigger ones from the start. Lesson learned! Larger wheels also make for easier turning too.
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