1. rtcosic

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    I have so many Gmail accounts I risk losing track of them all! As well as the 'family and friends' primary one, I have the general public one for website signups, another just for eBay, another for Freecycle, another for Facebook etc. If I am selling a batch of stuff at the same time on eBay, I'll set up a new Gmail account, print off many copies of it and accidentally leave one in the photograph of the item. Strangely I haven't been pulled up for it.

    I joined Facebook as the younger staff at my former place of work set one up - initially to post job opportunities. Nowadays it's mainly forthcoming funeral notices. I have accepted no 'friends'. I wanted to sell a trailer and a Jackall so put them on Marketplace. I sold both for the asking price and had them paid for and collected the same day. I was expecting numpty central but was astonished as both buyers could read and write in standard English, do arithmetic, string a coherent spoken sentence together and were, as far as I could tell, perfectly sane.
    Edit: both were gainfully employed as well.
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  2. monky harris Member

    northampton nn5
    Yup managed properly..it's very useful...
    I have a lot of great chats with a life long mate in Florida..:cool:
    my 9 friends cause no trouble...:D
  3. Seadog

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    NE London - UK

    You were lucky :rolleyes:
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  4. rtcosic

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    I suspect the target demographic for an Erde 142 and a Jackall differs from that for used Primark blouses.
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  5. steveo3002 Member

    cambridge uk
    handy feature you can often see their pics and posting history on the profile , if they look "normal" good chance they are
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  6. vw1

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    solihull uk
    I quite fancy FB for the buying and selling and general car guff but don't want anything to do with the passed . How do I go about it ? Fake name as mentioned in previous posts ?
  7. 8ob

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    moscow on thames
    I have not had any joy buying anything on facebook, some don't bother to reply most just refuse to hand over an address or phone number. How the hell are you supposed to speak to anyone or collect an item without basic contact details? What's to hide :dontknow:

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    Northumberland. Reet oot in the sticks
    Ive bought and sold many things on market place, not had anyway as many numpties as the bay of evil.
    Have to agree sometimes the communications is a bit broken, but generally not too much hassel.

    So a paddock cleaner last week, advert, received message replied. Exchanged numbers. Deal done, cash exchanged. Easy!
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  9. slim_boy_fat

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    Aye, I've used it [and the Tree of Gum too] with success. Ideal for 'collection only' for cash, esp in these lockdown times.
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  10. Gritineye Member

    Sussex UK
    FB can be very enjoyable if set up and used properly amongst real friends, it helps enormously to install this and clear everything you don't like off your page:

  11. Wozzaaah

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    Wiltshire, UK
    I’ve bought and sold plenty on FB, it works well. I like being able to check out the person first, if I’m looking to buy but they look like a scrote I won’t bother.
    Advertised some used fence panels last week, sold them within an hour. Mind you, an 80 foot fence for £50 was a bit of a billy bargain. :laughing:
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  12. fixerupper

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    Crete Greece
    I use facebook to keep up with friends and family I like it ...I don't buy or sell stuff and my "friends" are only people who I have met in real life ....
  13. monky harris Member

    northampton nn5
    True it great to see their profiles

    the bloke with a big spliff stuck in his face...
    ..."sold pending collection"