Electrician for house rewire

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    I do find this situation greatly annoying, when I renovated a house last year the plumbing and cable running I did myself was perfect, it was a work of art, tacked perfectly in place, every hole bang in the centre of a joist, spaced exactly according to building regs and the stuff the plumber and electrician did was a rushed mess! Do you have a certificate for the half of the house and the consumer unit that is already wired? If so and your competent then do you need one for the other half? Can you get an electrical safety test, bit like a yearly gas Safe certificate? The plumber doesn't insist on only signing off pipes he's installed himself!
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    Thanks for all the ideas. I might move things like the fire alarm wires myself to make it look easier. But I'll get some more estimates and see if I can get an electrician to do the wiring.

    Some progress this week - started sorting out a few large holes in the main room. There's a fair bit I can do before I get an electrician.
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    These competent person schemes boil my urine, the sparky I use I dont have an issue with, if Ive done bits, he looks, and nods signs it off, but I do ask him before I do it.

    As for the oil boiler the competent person scheme is all about how the oil tank is fitted, not much else, when building inspector came he wanted paper for the boiler. Plumber did inside, I fitted the system boiler. I asked him what competencies were required, he said member of xyz. I said will my ships engineers ticket do, he laughed and said I thatll do.