Does anybody use *removed for legal reasons* supplier?

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    I ought to explain the censoring in this topic. Earlier this year I was approached by a gas supplier whose starting point in their conversation with me was to threaten legal action against this forum for a number of reasons including slander.

    I had a look but I couldn't find any slander (it's against the rules here). I found about 80 links and recommendations and they all seemed quite positive. But because of the escalating legal threats the most responsible action was to remove all references to their company in order to protect the forum and also protect the good name of the gas supplier.

    The forum holds no ill feeling towards any gas supplier, and I apologise if the censorship causes members any inconvenience. Please be mindful that we may be subject to legal action if we mention the company in any way on here.
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    Thank you Malcolm explains a lot
    I use SGS because they are local they are people I know & have for 30\40 years & price is within what I feel is reasonable I have never felt the forum has a bias to any one gas supplier.
    We do not use SGS at our big Shop
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    Ha, like a bad penny..... :clapping::clapping::clapping:

    I expect I’ve still got the private messages sent between myself and the representative of the aforeNOTmentioned company suggesting they’re welcome on here as long as they don’t overtly advertise.
    Shame that same representative then ignored my messages and sent unsolicited PMs to several members, which were subsequently reported to us, and which earned him the ban for spamming. :whistle:
    Very odd way of going about things if you ask me but the damage is done and it’s their loss.

    Fwiw, Alan from SGS has had his knuckles rapped more than once for getting a bit carried away with his posts and we still watch his posts carefully.
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