Cebora 10 pin mig torch connector

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    So various cebora MIG welders have a 10-pin connector for the torch (along with the normal euro connector.
    The instruction manuals just seem to refer to this as for the cebora push-pull torch.
    I have found a few wiring diagrams but they are all a bit vague, ie. No actuall pin outs or anything. There is mention of CAN in the schematics which may confirm some stuff I have read about the welder knowing when a cebora torch is connected.

    Basically what I am after is any info to help me with the following:
    A: can I connect any make push-pull torch to this socket
    B: the cebora torch has up/down power control on the torch. Could I add a torch with up/down power on it but no push-pull?

    Or does anybody have a cebora 2003 or 2010 push-pull torch they want to get rid of?
    (Those are model numbers not years)
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    Not terribly helpful but I recently repaired a Cebora Push-Pull gun for a customer. Very basic electrics, small pot for wire speed and switches for trigger control and up/down of current. CAN bus system a bit advanced for the older Ceboras, not even sure if they use it now. However, try which is a list of available documentation on obsolete Cebora machines/torches. I couldn't find 2003 or 2010 torch info but there is some info on later (water cooled) PP guns which use a bigger plug but the circuitry may help you.
    Good luck
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    How did you go find anything to suit?
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    Not yet.
    From what I can work out the welder can tell if a push-pull torch is connected.

    I have been told part of the reason the cebora PP torch is so expensive is because it has CAN in it but I have not found anything to confirm that.

    I would like to think it is just a pair of pins bridged in the connector (much like a tig foot pedal would be) that tells the machine it's plugged in. If that's the case then it would be easy enough to add a torch with up/down controls and possibly other brands of push pull torch.
    It does look like the welder behaves differently when the oem pp is connected though so that might be a non-starter.

    I still haven't found the pin-outs for the socket. If I could find a diagram I might be able to poke some bits of wire in the socket and see what happens but I don't fancy doing it with nothing to guide me!
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