Bit of progress on my latest hot rod build.

  1. Slowcoach Member

    It is tidier than my house :). Flathead and flames surely.
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  2. jsf55

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    Sunny Swansea
    I see the hammer collection is still there :laughing:
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  3. tommy dunlop Member

    uk south east
    Nice project keep up the good work
  4. Morrisman

    Morrisman Forum Supporter

    Fitted the body and bed onto the chassis just to see what it looks like with the new wheels.Not too bad, pretty tall..... plenty of ground clearance. :thumbup:

    I’ve been messing about putting a quick coat of rattle can black on the various brackets and stuff for seats, handbrake etc. One day I plan to get them powder coated, but need to make sure it all fits and works first. Been down this road before...... never ending modifications and alterations.

    Not sure if I posted any pics of the dash, work in progress, need to “age” it a bit before it gets fitted with gauges and stuff.

    I cut a firewall cover from 3mm ally, ‘it will just be a quick job with the plasma cutter.....’. Turned into a whole days work.


    2C3C28FF-289D-4CAC-8616-70DA35569504.jpeg D2642B65-C0F4-4930-900C-DE6FF53462B8.jpeg 21493BB7-213A-4EF0-B2A4-F948C674380A.jpeg 09B15AF1-55A0-4B52-B1F1-FBBAD8266C82.jpeg
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  5. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    Have you considered engine turning as a finish?
  6. Morrisman

    Morrisman Forum Supporter

    I did that to start with, but decided I wanted more of a weatherbeaten, worn look, so Scotchbrited it down a fair bit. It is still there, just doesn’t seem to show in the photo.

    Here is an earlier pic.

  7. Morrisman

    Morrisman Forum Supporter








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  8. Morrisman

    Morrisman Forum Supporter

    I’m thinking of ally checker plate for flooring, cut into panels and screwed in using stainless raised countersunk screws and cup washers. Not too keen on the look of shiny new ally plate, so some sort of Scotchbrite ‘patina’ will have to introduced to it.
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  9. selectedgrub

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    New Zealand
    Bad ass.
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  10. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    Stunning work, I'm enjoying your updates. :thumbup:
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  11. Anguz

    Anguz Forum Supporter

    you seem to be missing 2 cylinders on that engine ?:scared:
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  12. Morrisman

    Morrisman Forum Supporter

    I seem to have found a 350 Vortec SBC motor that may one day do service in this car, or a similar one. :cool:

    I have evil notions of ‘rebuilding’ this car with a heavier gauge chassis and suspension to take the bigger Chevy motor, but the rate things are progressing it could be a while.....
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  13. Morrisman

    Morrisman Forum Supporter

    Still feel gutted over the one I had to sell when things turned sour in the Philippines..... :(

    ....but can’t cry over spilt milk, we have to move on. :thumbup:


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  14. jpmillermatic

    jpmillermatic Member

    very nice progress...I actually really like the V6 in there...its somewhat unique, like the straight 6's guys used in the 50s and 60s...but a bit more modern.

    love the project!

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  15. Gritineye Forum Supporter

    Sussex UK
    Nice work you're doing there, always fancied a T bucket, Q plates used to be less than kool, but now as far as rods are concerned there's nothing better!
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  16. Morrisman

    Morrisman Forum Supporter

    I looked into BIVA regulations, building something from scratch, and also looked at buying some oddball “I have the V5” project, but a Q plate seemed the easiest route for me. :D

    There is not a lot of usable, legal, stuff on the market nowadays, inside a reasonable budget.
  17. Gritineye Forum Supporter

    Sussex UK
    There is a 'T bucket' that has passed BIVA, but it's not a T bucket as we know and love them..
  18. Morrisman

    Morrisman Forum Supporter

    There are quite a few hot rods that have done it, but some compromises have to be taken........

    There was one notable oddball for sale a few years ago.... that was absolutely awful...... :o I think it is still on the market, at some silly price.
  19. Morrisman

    Morrisman Forum Supporter

    I’ve cut some floor panels and trans tunnel cover from checker plate, plasma cutter came in useful, but I really don’t like the shiny new look, so some Scotchbrite, emery paper, a wire brush and a couple of chemical cleaners came into play, to dull it down and make it look older.

    Any ideas how to make it look ‘weathered’? It’s been left for the night with a concoction of lime scale remover and some sort of rain mark removing liquid I bought in the Far it may well have all dissolved by the time I see it tomorrow.

  20. Dcal Member

    Antrim Northern Ireland
    Weak caustic soda solution, but don't leave it on too long.
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