Bit of progress on my latest hot rod build.

  1. Slowcoach Member

    It is tidier than my house :). Flathead and flames surely.
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  2. jsf55

    jsf55 Forum Supporter

    Sunny Swansea
    I see the hammer collection is still there :laughing:
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  3. tommy dunlop Member

    uk south east
    Nice project keep up the good work
  4. Morrisman

    Morrisman Member

    Fitted the body and bed onto the chassis just to see what it looks like with the new wheels.Not too bad, pretty tall..... plenty of ground clearance. :thumbup:

    I’ve been messing about putting a quick coat of rattle can black on the various brackets and stuff for seats, handbrake etc. One day I plan to get them powder coated, but need to make sure it all fits and works first. Been down this road before...... never ending modifications and alterations.

    Not sure if I posted any pics of the dash, work in progress, need to “age” it a bit before it gets fitted with gauges and stuff.

    I cut a firewall cover from 3mm ally, ‘it will just be a quick job with the plasma cutter.....’. Turned into a whole days work.


    2C3C28FF-289D-4CAC-8616-70DA35569504.jpeg D2642B65-C0F4-4930-900C-DE6FF53462B8.jpeg 21493BB7-213A-4EF0-B2A4-F948C674380A.jpeg 09B15AF1-55A0-4B52-B1F1-FBBAD8266C82.jpeg
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  5. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    Have you considered engine turning as a finish?
  6. Morrisman

    Morrisman Member

    I did that to start with, but decided I wanted more of a weatherbeaten, worn look, so Scotchbrited it down a fair bit. It is still there, just doesn’t seem to show in the photo.

    Here is an earlier pic.