Bit of progress on my latest hot rod build.

  1. Morrisman

    Morrisman Member

    After a month of doing nothing, I finally got my act together and rolled the rolling chassis in to the light of days for the first time in a year or more, then threw a coat of 2k primer on the body shell. It is actually filler primer, rather than just primer, which is not quite the tough base layer I envisaged, but it’s not going to be some show car so it’ll do.

    The car is a 1985 Jago T bucket, with an Essex V6 motor. Only noticed yesterday that it has a Q plate on it. Quite useful, even though it is already registered as a T bucket.


    138C05AA-3439-4AE5-B519-84AC0196A815.jpeg 21554BDD-718C-4371-9A61-DD39C10B102A.jpeg

    I should have started a proper build thread but I don’t seem to have the same enthuse I once had for that sort of thing.

    Here’s some random pics of bits and pieces.


    Made myself a dual circuit brake system.


    Built a pickup bed.


    Working on dashboard, new floor in the body.


    Gear shifter made.


    Engine mounts looked a bit naff, back one, so I made new ones, front one.

    • 889B3758-4BB9-4FEC-885B-9394158D901B.jpeg
  2. Morrisman

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    DDDC7D11-6E5F-4D07-A433-BDF36AC0E8DF.jpeg E40A2288-56F3-41A5-B935-21468DBEFAC0.jpeg 2B4DEF1D-818A-4812-9D2D-0A43FA1A3857.jpeg 5C663D55-FC67-47EF-921B-F8A03CABB1A9.jpeg
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  3. stuvy Member

    So envious Iv always wanted a flat steering wheel square screen t bucket
  4. Morrisman

    Morrisman Member

    The screen will be about half the height it was when I first adopted the project. I dread to imagine the wind load on a screen that big at any sort of speed..... :o
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  5. Morrisman

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    Going to look a bit like this when it’s done. Satin black all over, some alloy, some copper, some brass etc. Not much chrome.

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  6. stuvy Member

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  7. stuvy Member

    I did a roof chop on a beetle years back we sunk the screen into the scuttle to keep the glass legal
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  8. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    Nice example pic there! :thumbup: With all the H&S, noise etc :worms [let's not divert the thread by discussing those, please :whistle: :laughing:] regs surrounding pedestrian safely and so forth, will you be able to incorporate things like those radiator cap 'wings' which look great?

    Or will Nanny stamp all over your registration plans? :(
  9. gaz_moose Member

    tamworth staffordshire
    im guessing by the fact he stated it was on a Q-reg that he don't need to take it for in IVA or whatever test.
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  10. frank horton

    frank horton V twins are great but 4"s rule.........

    manchester, UK
    so sweet......have "T Bucket" loads'a fun........
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  11. Lazurus

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    Norfolk uk
    Very cool project, makes me want to retire and do something similar........
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  12. cr500dom Member

    Loving the Hip replacement gear shifter :clapping::thumbup:
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  13. jpmillermatic

    jpmillermatic Member

    that is a great kit and the work you are doing is fantastic.

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  14. Morrisman

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    I have a box full of them, sourced from the USA where they are dug out of crematorium remains, apparently. :laughing:

    Just been out getting jiggy with the spray gun. Made a total codge up of the first coat, far too watery, runs all over the place. Baked it in the sun, light sanding on the runs, and whacked on a few coats of much thicker paint. It is Dulux Weathershield Satin Black. Not normal hot rod fayre but it worked okay on my first hot rod. :cool:



    (The paint and bodywork is not quite as mint as it looks in the piccies) :ashamed:

    Not sure what to do inside the body yet, maybe some sort of flexible thin carpet glued in, to cover the rough glass. Maybe some sort of paint finish.
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  15. cr500dom Member

    Upol Raptor bedliner
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  16. ian price Member

    Havant, Hampshire
    Lovely project, wish I had the time, space and money, I did a roof chop back in the early seventy's on a PC Cresta, I did hear about dropping the glass down into the scuttle so as to keep the proper glass but that was after I went and did the chop, (idiot):( I raked the pillars far too much to do that, the glass would probably been touching the engine), still I never got as far as worring about glass! I sold it as it was in the pic:doh:
    • Scan10072.JPG
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  17. Morrisman

    Morrisman Member

    Hmmmmmm, some cars don’t suit roof chops. :(

    Nearly all old cars with separate ‘fenders’ look better with a couple of inches out of the roof though.
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  18. postie jon Member

    Aberdeenshire, Scotland
    one question ...... how the helldo you manage to keep your workshop so tidy!!!!!:vsad:
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  19. Morrisman

    Morrisman Member

    It’s actually in a bit of a mess, I thought. Half my bench is piled up with car parts that I can’t think where to put away. :(
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  20. postie jon Member

    Aberdeenshire, Scotland
    i can see bare floor...... lol
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