Bicycle frame build.

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    Well spotted Shox Dr, my relationship with Tom Senior dates back some 20 years and while I would like something bigger I dont think I we will ever part.

    As to what tools do I need to build a bike frame, well very few actually. Mitres can all be filed by hand, there are several simple bits of software that will print out the shape onto paper that you can wrap around the tube. You can use a sheet of MDF as a building board or fabricate one from angle iron.

    The one thing I would recommend is Rattlecad or Bikecad software. I prefer Rattlecad as it give me jig setup parameters as well, the free version of Bikecad is good but the drawings are not fully dimensioned.

    I found the most important thing with hole saw tube notching is the ability to turn slow, really slow like less than 100 rpm. The other thing is holding the tube ridged without distortion or crushing.

    I think you have to accepted that as a first time home builder your probably going to have to spend more time making jigs and fixtures than making the frame.

    Take a look at Burfs frame build as well, loads of good ideas for jigs and fixtures.

    Looking forward to seeing Chunko's build now.
  2. chunkolini

    chunkolini celebrity artiste

    Chunko's build might be some time coming.
    BUT, the design and visualsition process has been reactivated.
    I confess to being scared of buying nice tubes and doing it properly.
    Building rat bikes is a laugh, building proper bikes is engineering.
    A pathetic excuse.
    Inspiration is a scary thing.
    Winter is coming, long nights lots of thinking.
    Fingers crossed.
    But I have to flog my lovely tandem to finance the job.