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    This thread links to a small selection of informative threads in the arc welding forum. There's a lot more good stuff that can be found with the arc forum search.

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    Arc welding Tutorial
    Aimed at beginner arc welders but written with the help of professionals, the tutorial is aimed at getting you up and running with arc welding.


    Electrode positive or negative?
    What's the difference between DCEN (DC electrode negative DC-) or DCEP (DC electrode positive DC+)? The electrode is the rod holder. All is explained if you read through far enough. Summary on page 4.

    Arc welding machines

    Arc Welder Group Test
    Five arc welders compared, old vs new, cheap vs expensive, transformer vs inverter, AC vs DC. Only one of them blew up.

    Cheap vs Expensive Arc Welders
    A long thread with good information about the differences between cheap and expensive arc welders. Start at page 14 for more balanced views.

    Oxford Welders
    Advantages and disadvantages of Oxford Welders.

    Do I need an Inverter?
    What's good about them?

    Buying an Inverter
    Some thoughts on what to think about.

    What's inside an Inverter Welder?
    Photos and explanation.

    Running an arc welder from a generator
    Generators plus Arc welder.

    Learning to Arc Weld

    How to arc weld for beginners

    Info on how to start arc welding if you've never done it before.

    Learning with a cheap AC arc welder

    Information about arc length, amps, and rod quality.

    Current vs Speed vs Technique
    Current might be altered to balance other factors.

    ARC Welding Examples
    Runnach's photo gallery of student arc welds in various positions.

    Uphill stick welding
    It's tricky - some tips on how to overcome gravity.


    Arc welding rod brands
    Members discuss their favourite brands of rod.

    Welding rods for learning
    Decent rods make learning much easier - cheap and expensive compared from page 4.

    Electrode drying
    Which rods need to be dried, and what temperatures.

    Antique electrodes
    Wrapped in asbestos!

    Other materials

    Some thoughts on hard facing a digger bucket.

    Bucket Repair - recommended rods
    Avoiding cracks in bucket repair.

    Lesson in Cast Iron
    Real live evaluation of different methods of fixing a broken vice.

    Stainless to mild steel
    Which rods to use and why.

    Stainless can be painless
    A discussion about polarity and stainless rods. Last post is very informative.


    flange jockey's pipe welding
    Lots of photos and explanations of pipe welding from a professional.

    flange jockey's flat welds
    Photos and discussion about pipe flange welding.

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