1. paul teggart Member

    Dungannon, county Tyrone, Northern Ireland
    Hi guys, I'm back again to annoy you with more questions regarding welding procedures.

    Background: My employer manufactures conveyor pulleys for the materials handling industry. They are looking to acquire ISO 3834-3 and have tasked me as their RWC. The reason they've assigned me, (against my wishes), is the fact they put me through CSWIP 3.1. Now, I've explained to them that this only means I'm an, as of yet, inexperienced welding Inspector.

    I told them I've never written welding procedures before, and this is usually the job of a welding engineer, but they seem to think I should be able to handle it. I do get the general idea about the procedures, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on sites, software, literature, anything that could help me.

    I also wanted to pick you very knowledgeable peoples brains about a ballpark figure on how many procedures would have to be done for the materials we use:

    I think the plate we use is covered by the existing procedure we have qualified, (attached).

    The alloy shaft we use are as follows:
    These will all be welded to s355 steel where there is no locking element to be used between the shaft and the side plate of the pulley.

    If anyone can advise on whether this is a huge undertaking or can realistically be done I would be so grateful.

    Many thanks to all taking the time to consider this, I really appreciate it guys.