wolf welders??

  1. bolgerisdashizz Member

    dublin ireland
    hello to you reading this. i was wondering if anyone out there has heard of wolf welders? are they any use? i was looking at this mma welder and considering buying it. http://www.wolf.ie/product.asp?id=001791. anyone able to give me advice?
  2. wyn

    wyn Member

    The four fixed power settings could make it really difficult to use.

    You can be pretty sure that none of them will be the setting you want.
  3. madkayaker

    madkayaker Pro sparkey Pro Welder

    looks like a good battery charger
  4. scarecrow

    scarecrow Outstanding in his field

    That's about all it's good for. not many people need the 24v one but only 4 settings on the welder is ridiculous looks like they have just taken 4 taps of the transformer in stead of having the shunt tipe thing (to get technical)
    I think I would buy one from Aldi first because that's not exactly cheap I wonder what the ocv is I hope it's a bit more then you would need for the battery charger
  5. GeorgeB pre-moderated

    London, UK
    Wolf say: "Wolf has done it again - bringing innovation, superb design and practicality to you."

    I say it's a backward development, very poor design and totally impractical.

    I have nothing against the Wolf brand and rate a couple of their welding products very highly, but I wouldn't touch that model with a bargepole, even if it was only £60. I'd sooner have an Aldi arc welder (160 amps) made by Wolf for £40 or their 160 amp model for £44, plus a separate battery charger for £10 or £20. The arc welding current range will be much better, rather than being limited to just 4 settings with huge gaps in between. The minimum of 80 amps if far too high, as well.