wolf compressor

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    Compressor problems;
    I have a wolf compressor I’ve sorted out the problem of it not filling to 8bar, Thanks eil, but can you adjust the compressors switch for the motor so it will start up at not a low pressure….:rolleyes:

  2. rtbcomp

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    Some pressure switches have two adjustments, one for cut-off and one for the difference between cut-off and switching on.

    The latter is usually marked with a "d" or a triangle (delta). Sometimes adjusting the difference will affect the cut-off so it can be a juggling act between the two.
  3. Steve74 Member

    I know this is an old thread, but I am a new member and have had experience of two different low cost compressors!

    First one was a Clarke, which I got for my Dad after I borrowed his and it got stolen from my shed! Second was the one I have, a Wolf (tame the laughter please ;))

    Neither compressor ever reached their purported maximum pressure, but they all use a stock off the shelf pressure switch on them to cut off. If you remove the cover, the pressure switch is adjustable. As a matter of legality, the relief valve in the compressor is set accurately, so all you need to do is tweek the pressure until the blow off valve unseats (in old terms, turn the thing up to 11), then back it off until the compressor can cycle without blowing off. Now you have the maximum pressure from your compressor :laughing:

    Bear in mind that with the cover off you have 240 volts you can easily touch, so be careful and isolate power when making adjustments if you don't want a nasty (and potentially fatal) surprise as your spanner catches a live terminal