Wolf / Aldi 2.5hp compressor

  1. Hi all, just wondering how much oil one of the above holds?

    Mine needs a top up but at some point it will need changing so would rather buy enough oil 1st time!

    It's the 25 litre tank, 2.5hp motor one that was yellow if it was branded Wolf or Blue if it was brand Power Craft


  2. Thats a good question I've been meaning to change the oil on mine for a few weeks now. I'm guessing that it would take about 2 litres or there abouts.

    They recommend changing the oil after about 100 hours use.

    Cheers, reno
  3. Justme

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    Some are oil less I know mine is, so check first.
  4. nope mine defnately has oil..

    2 litres? My lawnmower only takes 600ml. Compressor engine doesn't look as big as the mower. Although it could be deceiving
  5. eddie49 Member

    I bought a new Sealey compressor, slightly smaller than the Aldi one. It was shipped empty and came with a 1 litre bottle of oil. I used about 7/8ths of the bottle to fill it. I knew it was full 'cos there is a sight glass with a red line on it. Doesn't the Aldi compressor have that, or a dipstick ? Sometimes the filler plug is marked to act as a dipstick.
  6. Yep it has a red dot on a sight glass.

    Just wanted to know how much oil to buy so that I could top it up, and then change it at a later date without finding I didn't have enough oil. Helpfully the manual omits to mention the required amount
  7. Maybe I was a little over the top with the guess of 2 litres; but before you can change the oil you need to be able to get the drain plug out... If yours is anything like mine the bolt won't budge...
  8. I haven't even found the drain plug yet!

    It's not listed in the manual - or the filler plug!

    WTF are they?
  9. On my Power craft one the filler plug is the red plastic plug on the top of the compressor casting just above and to the left of the oil level sight (when looking at the unit from the hose connectors). Looking from the same direction the drain plug is on the left hand side of the cast block just above mounting plate where the compressor sits onto the tank. It should be a 17mm bolt head.

    As I say the drain plug on mine just ain't gonna budge and I don't dare put too much pressure on it in case I shear the bolt head off or strip the thread in the block - it's most probably been loc-tited in place. Think I might have to syphon it out through the filler...


    Cheers, reno
  10. Cheers - I'll have a look at mine tonight.