Which type of welder is the most reliable?

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    I might get some flak for this but.. the machine that gets treated kindly and is looked after properly? :scared:
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    Oilcooled Pickhill/oxfords seem to last longest years-wise... maybe because there are few mechanical parts... maybe because they're an old design and most were built/sold before industrial MIGs were about.... still wouldn't have one in my shop again though.

    My observations, in order of how I see their importance:

    1. Machines by quality brands last longer than cheap tat.

    2. Industrial quality machines last longer than hobby/garage welders.

    3. Maintained and well-kept machines last longer than unloved machines

    4. Transformers, on balance, last longer than inverters... with a few outliers.

    So a 3 phase Kemppi MIG transformer ticks all the boxes... and we have two of them at work, approaching 15 years old and welding as well as the day they were bought :D Maybe this is confirmation bias :whistle: Since my Miller inverter MIG/stick is 24 years old and does the same.

    I prefer inverters full stop, though. Certainly for stick and TIG.
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    Something else to consider; a welder used at the limit (or especially over) it's capacity will likely fail quicker than one used gently. So - a bigger one than you'll ever need
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