What amps for this weld.

  1. I have some welding to do on 3mm mild steel square tubing. It's not a structural weld, but it does support some fairly hefty steel mudguards. I'll be using a Clark 165tn turbo with 2.4mm 6013 rods.
    But not sure on what amperage to start with as a rough setting, I haven't welded in years and never had any formal training, so any advice is helpful

    If the pictures show, I have put up a quick snap of the bit I'll be welding. It's a repair job on a fracture due to vibration.
  2. Ed. Member

    The 2.4-2.5mm electrodes I think are probably good for up to or about 70A depending on position and brand, having said that I am a bit concerned in the way the parent metal broke and not the weld itself, plus cannot work out what appears to be little ball shaped structures are in the left corner, if it is vibration fatigue perhaps after it is repaired you could add some gussets in to the corners to further reinforce it. A few more pictures might help. The welds on it do not appear that great but that does not look like they were the cause of the problem unless there was a small stress weld crack in that corner weld and the vibration just made it propagate, which I suspect could be the cause.
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  3. I've had a closer look at it, and took this picture, I think looking at it that it hasn't been welded at the front, and just roughly tacked at the corners, so it caused vibrations and the crack because of that. I don't know if you can see but there is a nice straight bit of steel with no weld on it on there DSC_0496.JPG
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  4. Memmeddu

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    70 A should be fine
  5. angellonewolf

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    have you got a bit of spare the same have a test go

    on my stick welder id have it up to 80 but welders are a bit differant

    im self taught there will be more on here with a better idea and more info than me and id prob use my mig for 3mm
  6. frank horton

    frank horton V twins are great but 4"s rule.........

    Soon 2 B Crete
    think I'd try n get another peice of box the same as.......
    cut off the bad part and start anew....if u do weld up the cracks it'll always be weak
    and after u repaired it u'll wanna grind it down to look good, that'll take some of the strength away....
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  7. angellonewolf

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    how about runing a slitting disk through the crack before you weld that way you should get good penatration ?
  8. Ed. Member

    It appears that the "little ball structures" are porosity. If it was me doing it, I would cut it off, clean it all off then weld in a new piece.
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