What adapter do I need.

  1. SwissTony Member

    UK, East Sussex
    Managed to aquire a second hand rtec p50hf plasma cutter, which seems to power up OK, but I don't have my own compressor yet to test.

    I have managed to borrow a sip airmate t2/50 compressor off a mate, but the hose fittings he has won't fit what I assume is a 1/4 pcl fitting which is attached to the plasma cutter regulator.

    Looking at various websites, it appears the sip outpit uses an export fitting, as does the hose my mate lent me.

    What I believe I need is a female pcl to male export adapter, is there such a thing or is it called something else.

    Attached is a pic of the bayonet on the compressor(silver colour) and the bayonet that fits the compressor(brass colour.
    Many thanks
  2. MoreWellie Member

    Bedfordshire, UK
    not seen an adapter but easy enough to make from a male Euro (XF) connector and a female pcl connector, just buy one with male thread and one with female thread and put them together

    easy enough to pick up from screwfix or machinemart

    or just get a male XF connector and replace the fitting on the plasma cutter

    if you haven't got any ptfe tape then pick some up whilst you are there
  3. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    CX Derbyshire
    PCL airline fittings are available to fit directly without using adaptors or modifying anything
  4. SwissTony Member

    UK, East Sussex
    Bought a euro to pcl adapter off ebay, but the euro adapter is to big. The fitting I have appears to be the same shape as a euro, but narrower (lower flow)
    Any ideas?
  5. WorkshopChris Forum Supporter

    South East Essex
  6. armalites Member

    Can I just clarify as in you first post you say both fittings are from the compressor.

    Does the yellow hose you've borrowed fit the compressor you've borrowed? If it does then the quickest solution for you is to buy a PCL19 coupling with a 1/4 bsp female and fit it on the end of the hose then swap it back when you return it to your friend. I could probably find one that I'm not using but for £6 it's not worth messing about.

    If you are planning on buying your own compressor in the future then I would buy a PCL XF coupling and fit that on your mates hose and buy a PCL XF probe for the plasma. If you are starting out with air tools then it's better to start with PCL XF in my opinion
  7. SwissTony Member

    UK, East Sussex
    Managed to fudge it all together in the end. My mate has had issues in the past getting the correct fittings.
    When he lent it to me, it came with a tire inflater attached. He left an coupler on it which converted from compressor output to euro, I didn't spot it until this morning as the tire inflater fitting was really small and was right inside the euro coupler.

    In the end I chucked the yellow hose direct to the compressor, the unknown adapter to euro coupler in the end of the hose and the euro to pcl adapter I just bought into the end of that.

    Plugged it all in and filled the compressor tank up, connected it to the plasma cutter and air starts leaking from the coupler connected to the plasma cutter.

    If I pushed it against the p cutter fitting, it stopped leaking, so bodged it together with cable ties to hold it tight against the machine.

    I should have taken photos as it would have been easier to explain.

    Now I know the plasma cutter works, I can buy my own compressor.
    This any good? I know its cheapo Chinese one, but all the budget ones are and the website seems to list spares.