Welding thin metal

  1. Leetus New Member

    I'm trying to mig weld two piece of 2-3 mm stainless steel sheets together, but I keep burning holes through the metal. I'm using a mix gas of 82/18% argon/co2 with the lowest setting on my welder, but without success. I've heard that 100% argon is better with thinner material, but I'm looking for a cheaper solution. Will it help if I changed to flux core wire with the mix gas I already have, or does anyone know another clever way around this?
  2. rikrobson

    rikrobson Member

    Perth, Scotland
    what welder are you using and what settings is it on? I was under the impression you needed at lease a 95% Argon mix for Stainless if not 100% argon. What grade of SS is it and what wire are you using?

    if it were mild steel then you were putting too much heat in so that would need the power lowering or a quicker weld, but the gas could be the problem here.