Welding Masks at Liddle

  1. Hog-Rider Member

    Henley in Arden in Warwickshire
    This morning in Stratford upon Avon Warwickshire, I saw that they had just opened a new store so I thought that I would go in and look/buy something that I did not want lol !! Intresting they were selling Auto Welding Helmets on reduced price at £12 each now that's cheap... They were also selling cheap Mig Welders ..I did come out the store with Screwdrivers ! WHY I did not need them LOL
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  2. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    Certainly is, be good enough for a spare or for a helper/watcher too :thumbup:
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  3. stuvy Member

    That is cheap

    Not a bad helmet either
  4. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    Must check to see if they have any left in the 'offers' bin next time I'm in. :doh:
  5. Dcal Member

    Antrim Northern Ireland
    I bought one when they were £20 as a spare.
    Pretty small viewing area but I was really impressed and my normal helmet is a Miller digital at over 10 times the price. A big difference here is comparing a sparkling new mask and lenses / covers with one that in dire need of a clean but still.
    It also takes AAA batteries which has to be a plus.
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