Weld.com Grinder Safety Series

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    Thanks. :thumbup:

    I think most on here are aware of the hazards inherent in these things - I even admit to qualifying for a Darwin nomination by introducing the front of a jumper to a wire wheel a good while back :doh: - but at least I still had both hands available to hit the NVR, also both knees, so no parts of my anatomy were harmed in gaining that experience. ;) That was a school day....:o ;)

    I always wear safety glasses [I have 3 pairs, one of each hanging on individual machines, so that it can't be operated without moving them off it :whistle:] + ear defenders when operating ANY machine. :ashamed:

    Was the one in the box a 9" job btw?
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    a bit timid to be honest,

    I dont see the point of messing around with safety videos that are not graphic enough and those are really poor substitute

    as this is a point for all even my choosen videos are not graphic enough but really shows what happens with grinders in real life situations

    im not showing the full version of this