Vmax trike - dead engine

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    Well, having part exed a perfectly good (but unsuitable for my advancing years) hard tail Kawasaki750 trike for the vmax with IRS (and a suspected holed piston), I finally got 'round to stripping it last night.
    Guess what, it has a holed piston! So now I'm faced with two options - rebuild this engine (very time intensive as well as potentially expensive), or buy another. I'm leaning towards getting another for now (actually going to see one, leakdown test, sump off inspection), and rebuilding this later as time allows.
    My question is, has anyone here experience with the Yam vmax v4 1200cc engine?
    I haven't costed a new set of liners yet, but suspect they will be pricey. I could rebore it, but that means a full strip down, and an oversized set of pistons. (I have a good set of standard ones here). I'm tempted to go down the route of buying a top half and pulling the liners out of that - but will they come out in one piece?
    First things first I think, see if I can get this engine that's on ebay.
  2. pedrobedro

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    No personal involvement but a friend of mine had a Vmax and always had gearbox and electrical (igniyion) problems.
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    Pembrokeshire Wales
    Thanks. Yes £96 each plus pins and rings....
    Then I need to bore and hone the liners, so full strip down for that, hmmm. Not tonight Josephine, as a well known Frenchman once said.
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  6. Gragson

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    Napoleon - hairspray advert, showing my age... :laughing:
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  7. RichardM Member

    Engine re-builds - no, but also factor in gasket prices as I worked it out cheaper to buy a TDM900 engine than rebuild a TRX850.

    VMax - get a 4 brush starter motor if it still has the original 2 brush one and you want it to start on the button.
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  8. Morrisman

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    The first thing I’d do is join a few Vmax forums and groups, do loads of reading of old posts and see who the best suppliers of spares are.

    I had a friend who lived in Thailand, with a Vmax. It quit on him one day, he spent weeks trying to get it to run. It had fuel, sparks, compressions etc. I was in hismtown forma few days and had a play with it for a bit, found his ignition timing was way, way out. The key on the alternator rotor had sheared and it had turned on the shaft about 45 degrees.

    That was when he casually pointed out he had had problems with it coming loose a few times....... :whistle:
  9. Shox Dr

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    As said, forums might help. I rebuild a yzf250 motor a while back, parts here were more than the bike £3400. Bought them via an American site. Including cases cost 780quid delivered :D
  10. earthman Member

    So true about the gaskets/seals, I recently done a 20K service/valve clearance check on my modern Triumph, replacing just those seals weren't cheap.
  11. plum loco Member

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    Never had an issue with my vmax,there is a great pdf vmax manuel if you need one.This is a great forum.https://www.vmaxforum.net/