very good spatter pattern!!!!! [not]

  1. mark fleming

    mark fleming Member

    hi all been practising with my new mig welder, sip cosmo 130 gas/gasless and seem to be doing better than with my arc.
    using gasless/fluxed wire?
    however, i seem to be getting a lot of spattering and im not sure if this is down to technique, also when practising i have played with the wire feed and now cant rememeber my settings, now when i weld i can feel the wire hitting when its fed.
    also how do i tell if the weld is ok as i dont seem to be getting a weld pool mark on the underside, more of a scorch mark!!!, but the metal has a seam along the top and i cant prise it off. [testing to see if its crap].

    any advice help readily recieved, as im starting to chomp at the bit and weld my camper van up, see thread:
    ooh that reminds me, malcolm, for the side bit how do i create a flange to help support ther floor panel for welding?
  2. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

    Hello mark.
    If you can feel the wire hitting the metal, that means you have it a bit fast. Turn it down a bit at a time until its okay.

    The underside shouldnt have much more that a bit of a dark grey area around the weld. If it doesn't prise off, its probably okay.

    As for the flange, im not sure exactly what you need, but for thin stuff, if you can clamp the sheet between two pieces od some more substatial metal then dress it over with a mallet. Thats one way.