Vertical plug welding

  1. catman275 Member

    Poole UK
    Hi all,
    Does anyone have any views or comments on this, I have tried it, and everything fell out of the hole, I only tried about a dozen holes. That is why I am asking.
    I have done reasonable ones at 45 degrees.
    cheers Peter.
  2. bricol Member

    N.Yorks, UK
    I'm not an expert welder, only a hobby one, I use big enough holes than I can weld around the edges - 7mm dia hole. I've not run into your problem but I would guess I'd treat them as I would a seam weld under a car - weld a bit, then another bit - don't let enough metal reach critical molten mass to drop out.
  3. redwine300

    redwine300 Silly Rabbit

    What thickness of plate are we talking?