Upol clear coat - first time questions / any tips?

  1. julianf

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    devon, uk
    This stuff -


    Yeah, I know the photo is upside down, too late now.

    I've got to spray this outside. Will have air fed mask and small spot repair gun. Just coating some small metal boxes (as per my forced patina thread)

    Anyone got any tips as to my best plan?

    I'm not used to 2k paint.

    Do I mix up enough just for one coat, paint, clean up gun, then another mix, paint, clean etc.

    I'm thinking as it's a chemical reaction it's going to go off just as quick in the gun than on the job, right?

    I've got mixing cups, but I'm dealing with such small amounts - I'm thinking mixing by weight is fine?

    How many coats am I likley to need, and then I wait for it to fully harden (don't have an oven) and then polish, right?

    I know these questions must have been asked a load of times before, but they're all burried in a million different threads.

    Thank you.
  2. Ashley Burton

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    When I sprayed 2K clearcoat I let it flash off for however long is required & then sprayed another coat with the same mix

    The more hardener you use the quicker it will go off

    Mixing by weight is perfectly fine

    A couple of coats is normally good enough, You don't need to go too mad
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  3. a111r Member

    Yes new territory. But you're not seeking automotive levels of finish; 2 thin coats, wet on wet.

    It's a bit like making biodiesel, and other things, for the first time. Just do it.
    Mix up 200 mL for the tests, get cheap gun wash as cleaning solvent - it used to be £5 for 5L. Leave it a few days, see if it's shiny.

    Just to add some highly irrelevant, yet cathartic, information:
    I had a brief stint in the 90's working for RM Automotive (BASF) which taught me much about vehicle refinishing, but the 'Company culture' err was not for me.
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  4. mr haynes Member

    Mix enough to do the job, straight into the gun, don't skiddle about.
    Wet on wet as said above, in however many coats you choose. Depending on temp each coat should flash off in around 10-15mins
    Don't touch it for at least couple of days if ambient air drying.

    If you are good you won't need to polish ;)
  5. anjum Member

    London UK
    I find that a light mist coat first makes it easier to avoid runs etc. then 2 wet coats.
  6. Gingle

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    2.1 mix more hardener put in , definitely does not mean it will go of quick. Apply 3/4coat leave 5 mins then apply full second coat . This is what I’ve been doing for 41 years
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