Uninsulated Crimps & Nylon Covers

  1. ukracer Forum Supporter

    You don't get free delivery below 30 quid if you checkout as a guest.
    You need to open an account to get free delivery on in stock items. below 30
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  2. armalites Member

    To be fair all you are doing is registering on their website it's not like opening an account in the traditional sense.
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  3. ukracer Forum Supporter

    Agreed yes . It just makes it quicker to order next time.
  4. armalites Member

    The other great thing about RS is you can order up until 20:30 and still get it next day which is excellent. Their stock detailing is good too, they list how many there are and if they are none in stock it generally says when they will be back in stock.

    I remember at my first proper job they had the RS catalogues, I think there were only a handful back then and I used to love looking at a the weird and wonderful things you could buy. Last time I saw the hard copies they took up half a book shelf.
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  5. snoozer

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    Northants UK
    And that right there has a major impact imho with sales, No Catalogue you can thumb through in your Tea break discovering stuff you'd never knew they had in stock on the website.

    I remember reading an article about Screwfix when they were struggling with sales a few years ago, They apparently poached a Lady from another company to set them straight, The first thing she implemented was small Catalogues a Tradesman could keep in his Van and search what they wanted without running up a hill, Mobile held high for a signal to log onto the website and place an order.