TIG Welding Setup for Motorcycle Tanks

  1. KSE39M5 Member

    Lancashire, UK
    Hi All,

    I mainly work on refurbing motorcycle tanks ranging from 1950's british stuff through to more modern tanks. The old british tanks are fine but the more modern tanks are suuuppper thin. My dad has a Jasic TIG200 which we're using to do any welding but with the modern tanks seem to burn through as soon as we start even a tac no matter how low we go on the Amps.

    My dad is an old timer, been welding all his life but with a MIG and well thought of being weld anything but we're struggling on the TIG. I want my own setup so i don't rely on my dad all the time. I'm on single phase BTW.

    I'm sure someones been through this pain before, is there particular setup in terms of machine, torch etc for very thin steel. I've a budget of about a grand for machine/torch/mask.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Tom O Member

    LightIng up on the filler would give more of a heat sink.