Thin metal - brake fluid reservoir problem

  1. kernowcam Member

    South West uk
    Hi all
    I have a slightly rusty combined brake and clutch fluid resavior on my land rover. Pondering weather to grit blast it - see whats left and pulse weld the odd hole.
    Any thoughts or suggestions as i suspect it will either work fine or blow big holes to into oblivion.
    Perhaps this one is for brazing , but i only have a mig.
    Not that easy to get a replacement
  2. malcolm

    malcolm & Clementine the Cat

    Bedford UK
    Sounds like really thin metal if it's a brake fluid reservoir. Not sure what I'd do with one of those. Certainly braizing would be easier, but I don't have gas kit either so I see your point. I suspect you'll end up going down the blowing holes route if you try welding it.

    Can the later Land Rover system be fitted? The Series 3 has a plastic reservoir and a useful servo.

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