The One that Got Away...

  1. Mark E Making it harder than it needs to be.

    Isle of Wight, UK
    Perhaps this belongs in a Brew Room equivalent but it’s project related so hopefully it’s alright here!

    I’m at an odd point in life (no kids, recently divorced) and haven’t really got any hobbies at the minute after mostly finishing the last one. (1992 GMC Typhoon modification and restoration).

    I’ve begun flying again after a hiatus that began when I left the military which is quite expensive and fun but I’m not getting my hands dirty. It got me thinking that I’d like to build an aeroplane and I decided I’d like something fast and sexy - why wouldn’t you?

    I found the perfect solution in an aircraft called the Thunder Mustang. It’s 3/4 scale of the WWII fighter, made of composite with a v12 engine and it outperforms the original. I’d give my right nut to own it but the kits ceased production. Nothing else comes close. An assembled one is £250-400k.

    I recently found a kit online for £50k in the US which is half what they originally cost so it’s a bargain. It is without the engine, PSRU or prop and I have been scrabbling around trying to conjure up some hare-brained scheme to buy it and build it over the coming years. Alas, I don’t think it’s possible for me but in a few months, I’m pretty sure I could at least get my hands on it. My work circumstances are about to change for the better. The timing is terrible.

    So, I expect it will slip into someone else’s hangar.

    The experience reminded me of another project that I never got to start. My Dad bought a Land Rover 110 when we lived in Saudi Arabia in 1998 and he had a HMMWV engine from US surplus that we were going to retrofit but we had to leave and customs restrictions meant no export of the parts. It’s probably still there.

    I was curious to hear what projects some of you ladies and gents might have just missed out on? I bet there are some great ones!

    Aaah, but for the lack of unlimited time and money eh?
  2. cumbriasteve

    cumbriasteve Moderator

    Cumbria UK
    Well I have never fancied a plane, if it stops and won't restart you only have a limited distance to try and bump start it.:whistle:

    I suppose like many of the more mature members my regrets are no longer owning some of the vehicles we once had, I suppose I must have had close to 50 British bikes go through my hands including the likes of Vincent's, velocettes etc.

    All worth a lot of money now but at the time you had to sell to buy.:dontknow:
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  3. awemawson Forum Supporter

    I actually started and almost finished this project, but 'her indoors' made me give it up.

    I was a Hoverair Hoverhawk three seater three engined enclosed cabin hovercraft that I found about to be scrapped, and pretty well entirely dismantled. I had it on the back lawn (which was THE problem!) and I got everything working and tethered hovering when the crisis came. All it needed was the cosmetics finishing. But no, it had to go.

    I sold it to a chap in Essex, but it is now in the Hovercraft Museum in Portsmouth

    Never ever managed to properly fly it :(

  4. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    CX Derbyshire
    I think it's more because of not but for the lack of time and money. Yesterday at the bike shop a bloke turned up on a Vincent Black Shadow which he has had since he was 15 years old (didn't ask how old he is now). It's valued at about £60,000. I did a Locost and put it on the road and then later I refurbished a Lambretta but I don't set my sights too high.
  5. 500e

    500e Always buy fire insurance a flood is hard to start

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    If only
    Vellocete Viper, Original Honda monkey bike reg TTT333, Ford Zephyr estate belonging to Bruce Forsyth, & a Lotus 6\7 with C. Chapman in log book :vsad::vsad::vsad:
  6. CompoSimmonite Member

    Werrington, Stoke-on-Trent
    Neighbour offered me his tatty but MOT'd early flat floor E type for £500 in mid 70's. I turned him down as at the time they were just expensive "bangers".
  7. Tinbasherdan

    Tinbasherdan Bodger in chief

    Bolton, England
    John parker was killed in an accident on landing in a thunder mustang last month, had been reading up on them afterwards! There’s also the t-51 3/4 scale mustang, uses a v6
  8. Mark E Making it harder than it needs to be.

    Isle of Wight, UK
    The sentence is correct as I wrote it. Yours is also correct:

    I would be able to build my aeroplane but for the lack of unlimited time and money.