Tandem Special Alloy

  1. Keith 66 Member

    Essex UK
    Just having a clear out in my shed, under the bench i found a pile of "Tandem" Special alloy bars, made by the Eyre smelting co ltc of Merton abbey London, Im pretty sure from a quick google that they are a Lead,Tin, Zinc alloy used for wire rope termination. Got them out of a school clear out years ago though lord knows why they had them.
    Also some smaller plain bars about 5" long by 3/4 wide stamped with 21/30/82, think these might be some form of type metal?
    Anyone know if any of these are of any use today, Or does anyone have any use for them?
  2. bigegg

    bigegg I drink and I know things. Its what I do.

    Leeds, West Yorkshire
    if they're lead/tin/zinc, they'll be quite low melting point, so maybe used for casting projects at school?

    maybe useful for anyone doing a bit of "backyard" foundry work?

    same with the type metal.