Stainless to mild?

  1. gordon stephenson

    gordon stephenson Forum Supporter

    Skelton in Cleveland U.K.
    For your application, Mild steel wire will be fine.
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  2. dannyp Member

    thats makes a lot of sense as to why. anything about arc in particular that makes it even more suited to emergency bodgeing or is it that often its the only choice at the time so more hope is applyed and bigger chances taken ?

    it was just a general observation from emergency bodges. if try to tig something together you really shouldn't it won't have it, whereas with mig chances are it will ( to a point for a bit )

    some of the stuff i've arc welded together tho, usally starts off well this probaly isn't going to go much but we are up the smelly creek without a paddel and theres nothng left to loose if it dosent work like stainless to cast iron