Speedglas flipup , new version?

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    Cheshire. England.
    12 months on and I still haven't done anything about an airfed mask since you fellas giving me a lot of worthwhile info:doh:.
    Having had yet another bout of welding induced sinus hell and heading into mask condensation season I was just about to hit the button on the Speedglas flip up FX with adflo.
    But then the new G5-01 version pops up it's head!
    Would the collective recommended sticking with the tried and tested 9000 FX, or get the new G5 helmet?
    The 3M A dflow PAPR unit looks the same either way.
    New G5-01 below
  2. Brad93

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    The PAPR is the same except it’s the new version which senses air pressure/altitude and adapts accordingly.

    I haven’t tried the lid yet. Looks well made. I need to invest in a new setup mine is showing signs of its age. I have the FX9100xxi and it’s been brilliant. Don’t bother with the standard batteries, just get one HD battery which will do a full 12 hour shift.
    I need a new belt for the PAPR and a new handwheel for the helmet. The little lug inside that adjusts how low the mask comes down your face broke off when I hit the helmet whilst flipped up on a low beam. That’s the most annoying bit.

    Edit: it’s at the stage where it will end up like triggers broom. Do I spend £60 on a belt, £15 on a handwheel, splash out on a new shell, which is about £200. When for £1100-1200 you can get a whole new G5 or for £800 you can get a new FX & Adflo.
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