'Soft' Air Hose not holding pressure

  1. Dave Moore Jag MK2 Forum Supporter

    Southern Ireland
    I bought a new air hose to use from my water trap to my gun. AC Brooklyn. €40. 1/4 inch Euro fittings with a 3/8 diameter hose. Quick disconnect on one end.

    Very odd doesn't provide as much pressure as the old 1/4 hose ( from Aldi) of the same length. I see big pressure drops once the trigger is pulled. Say from 50 to 20 PSI Drops to 30 and then slowly keeps dropping down to 20.

    1/ Is the extra volume is an issue? The hose from the compressor is 1/4 inch to the water trap so the line is starved earlier

    2/Could it be crap fittings ( quick connect?) even though they are the same size and type as the Aldi hose

    3/The hose is quite soft, softer than my rubber hose and a lot softer than the Aldi hose. Goes hard when under pressure. I am thinking that the hose is expanding and contracting giving me unstable pressure ?