Soda Blasting Media Suppliers and Blasting Advice

  1. OK so I got suckered into buying a Clarke 32L Soda Blasting Pot when I bought a SH 3HP 14CFM Burisch Compressor. It came with a Clarke Soda Blasting Conversion kit.

    I have not used it yet and before I do I need to make up some sort of collapsible surround or blast cabinet to prevent my whole area getting covered in soda :-)

    1. Where is the best place to get Soda?
    2. Are there different grades?
    3. What grade would be best for cleaning up Aluminium Auto parts (Clutch Housing, Carbs) for polishing
    4. Is it re-useable?
    5. What PPE do I need?

    Many thanks
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    Soda is a use once material, the price varies with how much you buy quite considerably
    Also look at plastic
    Have not checked prices for our blasting requirement it was cheaper to pay some one, rather than set up clean up maintain equipment + time etc.
    And if you do a fair bit it is not as clean as you think it leaves a film & does not wash away as easily as suggested.
    We hot wash everything we get done before coating
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