SIP Ideal 180

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    Firstly, great forum! I have been reading for a while now and it is so informative on here!

    I was given a SIP Ideal 180 (red cased version, same as one in this photo) a while back and have been servicing and cleaning it up ready to re-teach myself to mig weld again.

    I have greased the feed motor gearbox, replaced the liner, euro socket and gun switch, so it's in reasonable good condition now

    My intention is to carry out some basic sill repairs on my Ford Galaxy, but I am unable to find any information on settings so I can work out initial settings etc.

    I have mig welded many years ago using a small Snap-On unit, but that had very basic controls.

    Does anyone have a manual for this unit? Or does anyone have any advise on initial settings?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. EAZEE

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  3. Shedendman

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    A few of us on here have had the old SIP's,if you can show a photo closer up of the front,we might be able to guide you through what switch is which and its function
    Work out the 2 main ones wire feed speed and power setting then go from there,my old one had stitch,spot and burn back control