Shell Corena D37 oil

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    Hi guys,

    I've just got an old, faulty Sellarc (W Bateman Ltd) belt driven compressor.
    I've fixed the start capacitor centrifugal switch (corroded spring) and replaced the start capacitor (dead) and it now works!

    However, the twin piston cast iron compressor unit has a label on which says to use "Shell Corena Oil D37.

    I can't find any reference on the Shell site to that spec, and Google is coming up blank for modern equivalents.

    I suspect I can use a modern SAE30 compressor oil, but if I'm buying it specifically for the compressor, I might as well get what was specified.

    Anyone know what the modern equivalent is?
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    frank horton V twins are great but 4"s rule.........

    Soon 2 B Crete
    never bothered with all those one off oils....
    I just use 5w-40 synthetic engine oil with no problems....
  3. 500e

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    Corena is a range of Comp oils
    S2p is for conventional (piston) comp's, cuts down foaming & encourages water separation, so I was told there is a detergent variation as well this works for rotary \screw units
    If you ring their tech help they are very helpful
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  4. rms New Member

    Thanks guys.

    Reading Google results, engine oil isn't recommended as it contains detergents to hold deposits in suspension so they are picked up by the filter.
    As the compressor doesn't have a filter, it's better (according to reports) for piston compressors to use non-detergent so deposits drop down to the sump and aren't circulated.

    Sounds like S2p oil will be the one to go for.

    Thanks again.
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  6. Farside

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    Well, google will just repeat the same hoary old information all the time.
    Fwiw, my own compressor manual recommends a 5w30 synth engine oil (or it might be 5w40) in a list of other oils that might be available. The manufacturer would prefer me to buy their own special synth oil at twice or three times the price, of course. It surprised me to read in their own handbook that an ordinary car oil is perfectly acceptable.
    It would seem that FIAC at least, aren't buying into the 'deposits' thing.
    What deposits, anyway? There's no combustion going on, and compared to the hard life an engine oil gets, a compressor oil is living in the lap of luxury.