SGS argon 5% mix

  1. Ruffian Member

    Devon UK

    That was from denleys in honiton.
    But usually get from partservice or mpd as they deliver to work just makes life easy.

    I like a 20l for carrying but if got choice I think 30-50l works out so much cheaper so maybe going that way next.
  2. Agautosport Member

    UK Somerset
    The only issue you may get with taking a cylinder back to a different distributor for refund or even refill is that many of the distributors use computerized accounts packages that require an invoice number to be able to raise a credit, this can apply to refills but there is usually a way around the issue if you contact us.
    The deposits are all held by us so in the event that a distributor goes out of business we can refund the deposit if you are unable to get a refund or refill elsewhere.

    SGS Gases Ltd
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