Seem to be going backwards

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    Afternoon all,

    I've recently acquired a Clarke 150 EN to get practising my MIG welding. I have done some MIG before, but it was some time ago and as per the norm right now, wanted another go. I have some car projects coming up that I need to weld for, so why not.

    Anyhow, I had done some good practice welds. Seem to stick nicely but I am having a bit of an issue. Lots of brown soot and some heavy spatter.

    (3mm mild steel)

    The shroud that came with the welder was loose so I got a new one and some new tips, thinking maybe gas was getting out before it got to the puddle. But this hasn't helped.
    Thought I might not be using enough gas, so tried bumping up to around 20lpm but this made no difference, so set it back to a hair over 10lpm
    I've tried tweaking the amp switches and playing with the wire speed, but the more I change, the worse it gets!

    I did weld these up a few days ago and although it was a bit untidy, the actual welds seemed quite good, could see the penetration from the back of the weld and only a little splatter. Still brown soot though.


    I'm running 0.8mm wire, but it was the wire that came with the 2nd hand machine and it's unlabelled so unsure what it is and if it may be contributing to the issues? (I did remove the first couple of layers of wire before feeding it back into the machine)


    Any pointers would be great.
  2. a111r Member

    Try some new wire and a new liner.
    That's rusty and also has unwound, which means it won't feed uniformly.
  3. Cobbler

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    As above, change the liner, make sure you get a steel one, not a plastic one, makes the world of difference! Rusty wire knackers the liners, Chuck it, or at least unreel it & see if it’s clean underneath, any doubt, sling it, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.
  4. a111r Member

    4 mm curtain wire fits those a treat. Buy 2 m for £1.