Sealey Supernig 150/5 Wire feed controller advice please

  1. Darryl T New Member

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and also have limited experience welding.

    I have owned this Sealey Supermig 150/5 for years now but have used it very infrequently, the last time being maybe 7 years ago. It's still almost like new.

    My query is, when selecting zero on the wire speed controller and then activating the torch trigger, wire still comes out of the nozzle at quite a quick rate. Is this normal or should there be no feed at this setting. Turning the wire speed up increases the speed as it should right up to maximum.

    The reason I ask is that when attempting to weld I seem to be generating way to much heat even with the wire speed at zero and the power setting at level 2. This causes blow through even on a new substantial section of exhaust pipe and it's almost as though the wire speed is too high and thus increasing the heat.

    Does it sound like the controller or POT may be faulty or is it normal for wire to still feed when set to zero.

    Thanks for any help or advice and remember that I am a rank amateur at this. Darryl
  2. Mattycoops43 Member

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    Wire speed is a range, so 0 is just the lowest speed. Lower speed the weld will run hotter, so actually turn the wire speed up and try again, the weld will run cooler. You may be running slow enough to be in spray transfer mode, in which case you will need to turn up the speed quite a lot. if you bump it up gradually it will go very spattery, then will smooth out again as you get into the correct range.
  3. EBME2 Forum Supporter

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    Others on here have had issues with dry solder joints on the pot, might just be worth running over with a soldering iron.
  4. eddie49 Member

    Some motor speed control boards have one or two additional variable resistors ( "presets" ) on them, to set the minimum and maximum wirefeed speeds. These are the lower and upper limits, with the front panel control adjusting within that range.
    It may be worth looking inside your machine to see if these exist. They will not have control shafts or knobs, just an open skeleton, with a screwdriver slot. Make a note of the current settings, and try adjusting, to see if you can get a lower minimum wirefeed speed.
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    I have a supermig 180 & around no 7 on the wire speed does most things, the welder automatically adjusts the wire speed for different power settings. Sometimes I have to tweak it to 6 or 8 but never more than that.