Scrap metal gas forge

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    Hi guys over the last few weeks I managed to collect some scrap in the bins at work to start making a propane forge, I've only had to buy the regulator and some hose, rockwool, fire cement and bricks. The welding isn't the best as I was using a naff set in work which was oxidising the welds for no apparent reason, until I found a big split in the gas hose :doh: from the apprentice dropping a bottle over the welding set. Manged to take it home and do some welding at home then.

    Anyhow here it is, I didn't do much research so I'm sure there are some design flaws haha.

    0.8mm tips as injectors, even on thr lowest pressure it's like a beast, although when I've lined the forge I will have to dial it in

    Cheers guys
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    You might consider putting a longer tube a lot further to the side so you don't cook or burn the orange hose . My hose is a good foot to the side well out of the way of rising heat
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    Agree with @DAPPH, mine is out to a right angle about a foot too and still gets a bit toastier than I'd like, although to be fair my roof isn't a continuous piece like yours and leaks a lot of heat. Having it directly above could potentially cause an issue, especially after extended use. Nice build.
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    Thanks guys, I think I'll modify it with some more tube, it is raked away slightly but I doubt its enough, after I line it I will run it and check the heat and go from there


    Also ill be using it to harden O1 tool steel, I may do forging too
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    That looks like a lot of burner for hardening O1. If that's its main purpose, I'd at least turn it on its side so the flames are not impinging on the workpiece (I'm guessing blades by the long, narrow form?).

    To be honest, I'd be inclined to cut the forge in half and make a single-burner forging forge.

    I'd maybe try the other burner in something like a Don Fogg drum forge for HT, but I still think it'll probably be too much burner on its own.

    The best Naturally Aspirated burners I have found for HT are based on the Amal atmospheric injector. They have a threaded choke adjustment that allows very precise control over the mixture/temperature. Sliding chokes are frustratingly insensitive by comparison.
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