repairing my pals t4

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    halifax, England
    Ive got a mate and a big part fo his business is restoring T4's, he'll tell you how bad they can rot
  2. chris pruteanu Member

    Restoring vw campers is big business in uk due to massive cult following. The old boys really like a bit of bling and many have fitted shiny bullbars and side steps along with exhaust systems from likes of PP Tuning and Cybox... Sadly many are not into tuning them hence why I lost interest as i put together a nice turbo package for the 2.5 tdi a few years ago however most folk never got past the chip job or remap... As mentioned above no other van out there holds its values as the Vw does, if you trail trough adverts on ebay you find scene tax added to most things t3/t4 related, from cupboards to fridges and rock and roll beds ! Things quickly add up and you see tarted up 1500 quid rust boxes advertised as campers after few select bits and a stamp on log book from DVLA is added !
  3. Screwdriver

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    Been there done that.

    It was horrendous rust but it had been buried up to its axels in an Irish bog before some idiot bought it sight unseen...

    A similar Transit would never have made it out of the 90's, let alone another 20 years of neglect and bodgery. It has a petrol 2.5 V5 and is LPG converted so well worth hanging onto. Having finished the front end, the rear is just as bad and my "friendly" mot tester got busted... :dontknow:

    When I have built up the mental fortitude, I'll have a crack at the rear end too.
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