Raise and lower Work bench...

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    Okay so got hold of 4 legs that extend and retract via a cog/thread... thing is I want to make another bench. So wondering what these legs are off or how to make them...
    Cheers in advance.
    I'm sure your collective mind will possibly laugh at me . Lol
    Pic of leg
    • 20181011_090546.jpg
  2. the snooper

    the snooper getting older by the day

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    Use stud iron, captive nut in the lower part of the leg weld a thick washer so far down the stud iron cap off and drill a hole the top half of the leg slot stud iron through weld sprocket or whatever on put together
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  3. Domeo_jones Member

    Bucks England
    Sorry... I'll have to have a look at this stud iron . Any chance of a idiot proof diagram... or even a fag packet scribble... lol
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