quad tow hitch and winch mount

  1. i idealy wanted to mount the winch on the front but it would of look good so i has to mout in on the back to get me out of the s**T insterd of across it lol
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  2. weldingscotty803

    weldingscotty803 what you staring at??????????

    like the balls on the truck lol
  3. lol they get a few lafs and a few shocked people, i have seen people behind me takeing pics aswell lol
  4. i do miss the land rovers in the uk, apart from jeeps here they dont bother with arcitulation (apart from rock crawlers) the just jack them up untill they demolish what is in front of them
  5. weldingscotty803

    weldingscotty803 what you staring at??????????

    lol. you would prob get pulled over here if you had them on. quad looks good too. use it off roadin or work etc
  6. just for fun but i need a winch becuse i go where u realy need a utilatly with a bit more clerance, shuld be takeing them out sunday and there wil be lots of mud :D the ground as started to thore and we have had some very rin storms so shuld be very fun :D

    i have goten away with worse in the uk. lol they are band in some states here
  7. Robotstar5

    Robotstar5 Casanunda Staff Member

    Neat idea, hope the welds are good on the hitch receiver :laughing:
  8. well testing them out involed my lil bro on a sledge in the snow :D and hes nearly as big as me so i would say they have had a good test :)