Pulse-MIG welder advice needed

  1. Ged93 Member

    Hi , I own a pocket pulse Cebora , we use it for small parts with low thickness (3-4 mm or less ) it works fine but the limit is the lenght of the torch but it's a good machine , and it's pulsed which makes difference , and in my opinion the pocket pulse is the only machine made by Cebora that I would buy again ( in general they make good machines for small jobs , but their bigger welders like 400-500 amps definetely sucks )

    It arrived to me with a binzel torch which is fine , but I don't recommend binzel torches for high amperes ( 350 or more ) , on the other side I recommend binzel contact tips and consumables .

    I've tested the Bohler/Selco 250 amps mig machine last month , high quality , 4 rollers , pulsed and double pulsed , Selcos are famous to push really hard , but it costs 4600 euros ... the 'problem' with Selcos is that they produce a very high amount of heat , I don't know why , and I have to admit that it's a bit annoying because you need to dress like robocop if you don't want to cook your eyes , your face and your hands , and you need absolutely the water cooling system with
    them .

    EWM impressed me because they works even better without the problem of the heat , even with special high amperage processes like Forcearc , incredible machines , so I would go with that brand .
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  2. Kalts Member

    I would like to know what you think about CEA in general and Convex Mobile 255 Pulse in particular.
    It is yesterday's model and only one approachable financially which also has local long time distributor.