PS3500 with LHF5

  1. Epace Member

    my friend bought the Kemppi PS3500 together with the LHF5, HF unit, although the PS3500 should go TU10, 20, or 50.
    We can not start LHF5 to do it properly. It works only when the power regulation is on the PS3500, on its potentiometer, and when switching to the command on the LHF5 then nothing happens.
    I think that on the LHF5 connector X002 on the A and B contacts should be the voltage that should be connected to the PS3500 on the connector X003 where H is the mark and mass on F, but on the A and B
    contacts there is no voltage ... LHF -5 sheme.JPG PS3500 sheme.jpg