protective carport for parking space

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    italia lombardia brescia
    hello I should make a protective shelter to protect two cars from atmospheric agents, snow hail, I should install it in a courtyard of a country potter, the height of the boundary wall is 2.50 meters wide 5 meters length 9 meters. the frame should I make it in steel, any advice? any suggestions, thanks
    cortile 1.jpg
    cortile 4.jpg pergola.jpg pergola 1.jpg tettoia.jpg tettoia.jpg tettoia 1.jpg tettoia 2.jpg cortile 3.jpg
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    posts into ground id choose got to be careful of wind can rip your roof off so easily is it worth going around it
  3. Parm

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    Photographs 4 and 5 are the way to go and in keeping with the local theme
  4. frank horton

    frank horton V twins are great but 4"s rule.........

    Soon 2 B Crete
    depending where u r in the world a solid roof can be a prob....not just with the wind however it's the PLANNING laws........
    look to c what everybody else does.....if ur in the sticks......not so bad.......
    for simplicity on my next carport the roof 7mx5m will be in clear plastic as in factory roof lights with a bamboo or sunscreen mesh covering.....
    solid roof means a permenent structure with all the problems of planning......
    in Greece u make solid roof without planning, before u can sell it has to be taken DOWN, ok for the next owner to refit it tho.....
    just a load of Bxxxxxks really....but rules are rules......
    cos local authorities now use satelites to c whats going on.......
    I'll go with "Parm" as how to do it BUT those r prob block walls.....u'll need to be very careful on fixing the roof supports....
    the wall will take the load but high wind will rip the roof outta / off the wall......not from the fixings but it'll just pull the wall apart.....
    I'd suggest decent long strappings fixed down the wall from under the supports at least 1.5m long.....
    have seen loads of damaged cars/wall with the wind problem....they don't come often but when they do !!!!!!!!!
    when I was in Africa we used to use plants like Bugenvilia or grapes to protect from the elements.....
    we used steel frames and bamboo infill to start with and it gave the vines something to grow on......
    we got hailstones quite reg the size of tennis car was never damaged......
    Southern europe will be a less hazardous......
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    5.2 metres is a long span unsupported both from the weight of the structure and to resist wind. If you go with diagonal supports (which i'm not completely sure are right) you need another from the other end of the span to form triangles. A couple of vertical uprights would be easier and safer
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    Avatar suggests Italy. ;)
  7. Rudi McAnichal Member

    In the UK climate, low-pitch roofs are liable to collapse when snow accumulates. Brescia is at the foot of the Alps, so I guess there might be quite a lot of snow north of the city, but perhaps not so much south?

    The rafter in photo No4 appears to be sagging quite badly.