Poweder Coating over Zinc Rich spray paint.

  1. CMSteel New Member

    South Wales
    Good evening, as stated in the title, im just curious if I can powder coat over a Zinc Rich paint.

    A little back story on what my issue is.
    Ive been asked to make railings with sphere rail heads as in the following link

    Im looking to get the gates Hot Dipped Galvanised and then Powder Coated, with the rail heads being the shape they are, if hollow (im not 100% sure yet, ill need to ring the supplier first thing in the morning) if I was to hot dip them I would need to drill holes for drainage/ventilation, where I would need to weld up after and re-paint myself with the zinc rich primer, would this then be okay to Powder coat over, or should I seek an alternative method?

    https://www.actioncan.com/product/zg-90/ - Is the zinc spray I was looking to use to do the touch ups

    Thank you all in advance, sorry if the questions been asked a thousand times.
  2. northwest

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    Manchester UK
    You will need the holes again for the powder coater to hang the railings from in their oven. You cannot powder coat over paint.
  3. dan.taylor.1

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    I'd be very surprised if those railhead were hollow. They'll most likely be solid low grade cast steel. As for the galv, if you've got no other hollow bits no holes needed, and tbh if you're going to paint it I wouldn't have welded them up after galv, I'd have filled them with something, then paint as I hate pc after too many issues with it, I used to get all my stuff pcd now paint it all. As for the zinc primer, they do a high zinc base cost for powder if you're set on that fini