Pirtek hydraulic oil

  1. Ton-up

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    Essex, England.
    The forkllift engineer came today to service their rental truck. I was talking to him whilst he was topping up the hydraulic oil when lots of expletives were uttered by him! The Pirtek 46 hydraulic oil had changed from clear to really cloudy. When we looked in the can it had about 20 litres left of cloudy oil and a layer of black sludge in the bottom! It was a brand new can I saw him take the seal ring off.
    He told me that he had heard that Pirtek run their waste oil through a machine to clean it and resell it. Has anyone know if this is right?
  2. knighty Forum Supporter

    Pirtek is a franchise, my uncle used to own the one local to me (until he retired) he had to pay to get rid of his old oil, I know for sure because I took a few 45gal drums from him, used to keep it to soak big chains etc. in at work where I didn't want to buy new oil for it

    that was a few years ago, but I can't imagine it's changed much