Petter A1 Stationary engine.

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    As I've taken lots of photo's as I've gone along I thought I'd do a thread about it.

    July 2018 - after about 12 months of looking for one at the right price and travelling distance, I found one :thumbup:

    This is how it arrived from Leicestershire...

    Petter A1 Resto 001.JPG

    Unloaded onto a temporary trolley so I could have a good look round it...

    Petter A1 Resto 002.jpg

    Petter A1 Resto 003.jpg

    I contacted the Petter historian with the serial No., but he did not have records for the engine as it was built for Petter by J&H McLaren of Leeds...

    Petter A1 Resto 005.jpg

    I managed to date it to 1965 by a stamp found in the flywheel cover...

    Petter A1 Resto 006.jpg

    The original red primer was very well applied, but the next coat of Green could be scraped off with a fingernail...

    Petter A1 Resto 004.jpg
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    First job was to remove the flywheel which is retained by a Gibb key, I saw an extractor for the Lister D so made a similar one from a square of 10mm plate...

    Petter A1 Resto 008.jpg

    Seems to be working...

    Petter A1 Resto 009.jpg

    The Gibb key, which a previous owner seemed to attacked with an angry grinder for some reason :dontknow:

    Petter A1 Resto 010.jpg

    Along side a new key for which I will have to learn the art of Gibb key fitting...

    Petter A1 Resto 011.jpg
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    Took the magneto cover off...

    Petter A1 Resto 013.JPG

    and happened to have a tube of Autosol so wondered how it would come up...

    Petter A1 Resto 014.jpg

    The governor spring was missing, but one of the Facebook groups came to the rescue...

    Petter A1 Resto 015.jpg

    The cylinder head had a home made blanking plug in the timing hole...

    Petter A1 Resto 016.jpg

    After asking what the hole was for on an SE forum, one of the members had a few spares and sent me one...

    Petter A1 Resto 017.jpg

    Bit of a clean up and it looks much better now...

    Petter A1 Resto 018.jpg

    Most of the gaskets came off in bits...

    Petter A1 Resto 019.jpg

    After asking for help identifying the material on this forum, @cumbriasteve kindly sent me some :thumbup:

    Petter A1 Resto 020.jpg

    So I could make some replacements...

    Petter A1 Resto 021.jpg
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    The strip down and clean up begins...

    Petter A1 Resto 022.jpg

    Petter A1 Resto 023.jpg

    Petter A1 Resto 025.jpg

    The Ally gear cover was quite bad so got a coat of etch primer...

    Petter A1 Resto 026.jpg

    Followed by normal primer...

    Petter A1 Resto 027.jpg

    I know later Petter engines used a lighter than normal green so thought I would try some...

    Petter A1 Resto 028.jpg

    I think if I do it all this colour I'm going to have to issue sunglasses to spectators :laughing:

    Before work could commence this morning I had to pry the workshop door open as it had swelled, a bit of woodwork before I could continue...

    Petter A1 Resto 029.JPG

    I lost my nerve and went for standard Mid-Brunswick green...

    Petter A1 Resto 033.jpg

    Cylinder was cleaned up and got a couple of coats of black Barbecue paint...

    Petter A1 Resto 034.JPG
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    The flywheel housing/fan cowl had suffered some damage over the years...

    Petter A1 Resto 041.jpg

    Petter A1 Resto 042.jpg

    So I went to see an "old school" tin basher I knew from my days at Rover who has a car repair shop, I think he did a decent job and even commented "it was nice to work on a decent thickness of metal for a change"

    Petter A1 Resto 043.jpg

    Petter A1 Resto 044.jpg

    Painted and ready to fit...

    Petter A1 Resto 047.jpg

    Head cooling cowl cleaned and primed...

    Petter A1 Resto 048.jpg

    Even painted inside although it will mostly never be seen...

    Petter A1 Resto 049.jpg

    Some of the bolt-on parts painted, the tank isn't a different shade, just the way the sunlight caught it...

    Petter A1 Resto 038.jpg

    The tank...

    Petter A1 Resto 050.jpg
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    Looking good there. Please continue with the photo's
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    Woodwork on a welding forum???? :laughing:

    Nice bit of Ash cut up ready...

    Petter A1 Resto 052.jpg

    Glued and held together with temporary screws followed by a couple of coats of Osmo hard wax oil...

    Petter A1 Resto 053.jpg

    Components to build the axles...

    Petter A1 Resto 054.jpg

    Axles jigged ready for welding...

    Petter A1 Resto 055.jpg

    Axles welded...

    Petter A1 Resto 056.jpg

    Painted and bolted to the trolley...

    Petter A1 Resto 059.jpg

    Axle ends chamfered using the tool recommended in another thread...

    Petter A1 Resto 058.jpg

    Trolley standing on it's own wheels...

    Petter A1 Resto 060.jpg

    Engine mounting bars drilled ready for fitting...

    Petter A1 Resto 062.jpg
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    Flywheel after a lot of wire brushing...

    Petter A1 Resto 063.jpg

    Even found the original timing mark on the rim...

    Petter A1 Resto 065.jpg

    It took ages to paint all the fins before realising it will never be seen as it has a cover over it...

    Petter A1 Resto 064.jpg

    Drive pulley cleaned up...

    Petter A1 Resto 067.jpg

    My old pistol cleaning kit came in handy for cleaning out the retaining hole...

    Petter A1 Resto 066.jpg

    A milestone!, it's now a Petter (again) although it's been 40+ years since I last applied a wet slide transfer...

    Petter A1 Resto 068.jpg
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    When I got the engine, the only way to stop it was by grounding a bit of wire sticking out of the magneto cover...

    Petter A1 Resto 069.jpg

    Wiring extended and sleeved...

    Petter A1 Resto 070.jpg

    A bit of CAD (cardboard aided design) and I made a push button mounting plate...

    Petter A1 Resto 071.jpg

    Which fitted discretely under the magneto...

    Petter A1 Resto 072.jpg

    I wanted to fit an air cleaner, but the origuinal spec Burgess oil bath filters always seem to sell for silly money as they are fairly rare so I went for a cheapo pit bike filter in garish metalflake finish...

    Petter A1 Resto 073.jpg

    Looks a lot better after a repaint...

    Petter A1 Resto 074.jpg

    ...and of course a Burgess filter came up at the right price afterwards so I bought it and will restore it this winter.

    After a wanted post on this forum for help extending the sump drain...

    Petter A1 Resto 075.JPG

    @doubleboost came to the rescue :thumbup: screenshot from his SNNC as I forgot to take a photo when it arrived...

    Petter A1 Resto 076.JPG

    Primed and fitted...

    Petter A1 Resto 077.jpg
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    Looks really good. :thumbup:
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    Fantastic work. :clapping:
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    I did similar, masking inner of the flywheel then gently sandblasting fins, gave it a nice clear coat, baked it on for a bit, then realised the blower cover (which I had painted inside and out) would cover the whole lot. The trolley looks lovely. Would love to have a restore job on one of these, do they come up for sale much?
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    Petter A1's and Lister D's are always coming up for sale on the various SE groups, Ebay etc. so plenty out there :thumbup:
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    I've repaired / rebuilt many a Petter & Lister …. nice simple engineering . Every time I did a full strip & rebuild I used to stamp the post code of our plant hire business in the sump . ( PE2 9AW ).

    T' was amazing how many that were stolen & claimed on the insurance were re-painted in a different colour without a trace of the original colours came back to me for repair over the years . Even more interesting was who the latest owners were . Vic the major partner had kept the plant book up to date for 15 or more years , whenever a bit of stolen gear with our post code inside it came in for repair he'd pencil in who th new owner was .

    Did you run the engine before you stripped it ?
    Did you do a wet & dry compression test on it as well , if so what were the figures in PSI ( if you kept a note of them ) ?
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    I don't suppose you still have access to the book to see if my serial No. is in it?
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    I advertised one on here free last year, no takers so I scrapped it
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    Friend of mine is selling a Lister, £250.

    I’d quite like one myself, but it seems a bit pricey for a little novelty that will probably just sit in the shed forever.

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    Don't know how long that trolley will last the way the axles are bending!, the engine will bounce a lot mounted on pneumatic tyres too.
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    Looks like it's designed in negative camber for fast cornering!
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